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What clients & birth professionals are saying ...

Justine was our doula for the birth of our son, Henrik. This being our first child, I had no idea what to expect from a doula, but Justine blew us away. Justine made me feel so comfortable as our relationship grew over my pregnancy; I felt like she was a knowledgeable and invested friend who held my best interests above all else. Justine is not afraid to have hard conversations to keep your needs and wishes as the mom at the centre of your birth and pregnancy experience. She keeps you as the expert of your pregnancy and provides useful knowledge and insight to help provide context and depth to all the decisions that pregnancy and birth provide you. Justine is protective, nurturing, strong, smart and emotionally attuned. She is grounded in trauma informed and anti-oppressive practices which allow people from all walks of life to feel valued and safe with her. I highly recommend Justine as a doula if you are looking for a supportive, social justice focused, affirming and non-judgemental doula with an incredible knowledge base. Thank you Justine!

- M & H- 

Justine is calm, supportive, patient and loving. She was there for us and was a rock through my delivery!

-T & M-

Justine was helpful in all aspects before and after birth. She gave me a new sense of hope.


The rapport you build with our patients is so essential, you really think about the patient's wellbeing and we so appreciate all of your hard work! Thanks so much!

- J (RN) labour and delivery nurse- 

Justine was an amazing person to have present at our son's birth! She brought a sense of calm and consistency to the hospital. She also was able to support my husband and how he can help me. We really felt she was an important person in our journey. Thank You Justine <3

-M & S- 

My husband and I had the incredible privilege of having Justine present during the birth of our daughter. Justine had many hats to wear during my birth. She grounded me when I became overwhelmed and scared. I distinctly remember looking into her eyes when the doctor mentioned the possibility of having a c-section and our connection gave me the courage to fight through my fear and safely bring our baby into the world on my own. Justine brought a deep sense of calm to each phase of the birth. She created a relaxing environment (even in the hospital) with candles, lavender oils and a quiet voice. She also helped ease my discomfort during labor with multiple different techniques. Finally, she was my advocate and encouraged me to do what I needed to make this birth successful. There was no judgement placed at any point in the process and she supported me with my choice to have an epidural. I truly believe Justine has a calling to do this work and anyone who has her support during their pregnancy and birth are incredibly blessed.

Thank you so much Justine and Peaceful Passage Doulas.

- T & N -  

All my mother friends said they wished they had a doula. I wasn't going to regret not getting one like them. Found peaceful passages and the lovely ladies who facilitated the most informed and supportive pregnancy and birth experience. Having a team to help answer questions and concerns and be supportive when emotions and hormones are all over the place was the most amazing. 


When it came to my birth Justine was there for us! We could not imagine what our birth would of looked like without her. All the support, calming, relaxing environment. Having someone to support me and my partner was everything. Our birth did not go as planned but with Justine's help it remained positive and she help us advocate for ourselves. To take the time to get composed and make informed decisions that where right for us! 

We will recommend these lovely ladies to every pregnant woman who will listen. We also will use them for our second child! 

A holistic approach to child birth with positive birth experience is what I got out of it and am so proud of my birth because of their help! 

Thank you Justine.

- A & K -

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